The beginnings of Mazsālijas may be found as far as in 1847, when the German baron Von Hahn decided to create a watermill out of stone. Baron’s initials which may be found in the wall of the mill sluices are still keeping up the old spirit of the place.

It is possible that the name Mazsālijas has originated from a place-name Sālijas, which in the other hand is derived from the popular Latvian eastern region – Selonia (Sēlija). They say that barons were particularity amazed by Selonia, and had a desire to move a little part of it to Courland.


Mazsālijas viesu nama ūdenskritums

Construction of the buildings as we know them today was launched in 1989. The pride of Mazsālijas is a barn, which has fully survived from the days of the baron Von Hahn with an authentic roofing, load-bearing walls, and old spruce-tree crossbeams. The cellar, which is hiding in the hill, as well as all of the other buildings have been reconstructed from a scratch.

At the beginning the house was being built for the family, creating such a world around them which would encourage giving the best to the others, living the life freely, and sharing love and joy with everyone who is met.

Now the old mill has turned into a guesthouse, where everyone may regain peace and find inspiration to enjoy the world.