About Us

There is a place at the very heart of Courland (Kurzeme) where nature breathes in one rhythm with a human and silence sounds like the most beautiful music. Just as by a gentle touch of a hand, all the worries are taken off of your shoulders and surrounding peace is entering your heart.

The old mill of the German baron Von Hann has been turned into a recreation place for urban people tired of the city noises and daily rush. The guesthouse Mazsālijas embodies all of the kindness, sincerity, and hospitality of real courlanders (kurzemnieki). It is a place with its own soul, aura and mood, where surrounded by the charm of the nature, everyone may regain harmony in body and mind, and finally be able to live, feel, and breathe for real.

Viesu nams "Mazsālijas"

People here get what they are looking for – indolent intimacy with the loved one, exiting adventures with family, unforgettable parties or active recreation with friends or colleagues.

The Mazsālijas guesthouse allows you to make your dreams come true – your children can meet real deer and boars for the first time, you can pick juicy currants and other berries right from the shrub, take a nap or read a book outside, or simply enjoy the moment, when you don’t have to do anything, and everything around you happens by itself. You finally can live in one rhythm with nature, world, and yourself.

Mazsālijas is the place that makes your soul breathe and helps your body to regain energy.